New Harvest Church of Christ – Tampa

8413 N. 40th Street 

Tampa, FL 33604

 (727) 301-5039

“A Perfect Church For Imperfect People” is a group of people drawn together by a common interest. we love God, each other, and our enemies.

Our Vision

New Harvest: “A Perfect Church for Imperfect People” is a group of people drawn together by a common interest. We love God, each other, and our enemies, as we seek to know God as He revealed himself in Christ Jesus. He is our all, and love is our law. We are free to study, teach, and work as our conscience, directed by the Holy Spirit, leads us. We condemn no one. We judge no one. The judgment seat is reserved for God, and we all sit on the love seat with Jesus. There’s more room there.

In as much as God did not make us all to look alike, He does not expect us all to think alike. Therefore, we may not see everything alike or like everything we see, but we are free to see what we see in a fellowship of unconditional love, where the differences that make no difference to Him make no difference to us. We are Christians only, but not the only Christians. Wherever God has sons and daughters, we have brothers and sisters, and accept them on the same basis that He accepts us.

Since we are all thing human before we are anything racial, religious, or gender, being human is all that one needs to be, to be a candidate for membership in New Harvest. After all, we are individuals. We were born as individuals, live as individuals, will die as individuals, and will ultimately be judged by history and our Creator as individuals. Everyone is welcome, whatever their race, color, gender or sexual orientation. We depend solely on the transforming power of God’s love to change those whom He chooses to change, and we ask for the New Harvest church to accept the things that we cannot change, the courage to change the things that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. And we pray that God will help us accept people whom He chooses not to change.

Our common guilt is sin. Our common need is grace. Our common savior is Jesus.

Dr. Varner B. Webb, Senior Pastor